Length of different grain boundaries

ripening phenomena, dislocations, grainboundary topology
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Length of different grain boundaries

Post by Raina » Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:12 am


Now I'm trying to use Micress to simulate the grain growth with different boundary mobilities.

In this simulation, I set an threshold angle. When the misorientation is larger than the threshold angle, the mobility of the grain boundary is M1. When the misorientation is smaller than the threshold angle, the mobility is 0.1M1. The initialization of the microstructure is random, and I need to know the ratio of high mobility to low mobility at t=0s. Therefore, the boundary lengths of different misorientations are needed.

I'm wondering would it be possible for Micress to give me a output file of microstructure just like shown in the attached Figure.1? So that I can write a short code to read the length of the grain boundary.
This is so far that I thought. If you have a better method, please let me know.
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Re: Length of different grain boundaries

Post by Bernd » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:28 pm

Dear Raina,

I think the information you are looking for is written in the .korn (grain number) output. The only challenge is to transform it to the required ASCII format. Unfortunately, we still have not included this functionality in our new DP_MICRESS. Nevertheless, the old version 6.1 of DP_MICRESS still is available on our website and can do this job.
Alternatively, with the new DP_MICRESS, you could write it as uncompressed vtk (ASCII). Then, your code would have to remove the header and include the line feeds which are missing in vtk format.
Or, if you like programming, you can directly read the MICRESS .korn file in binary format...


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