question about Kinetic and static anisotropy coefficient

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question about Kinetic and static anisotropy coefficient

Post by Cyan_Lizzie » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:34 pm

When I use the MICRESS to investigate the austenite-bainite transformation, I cannot understand the meanning of the kinetic anisotrpy coefficient and static anisotropy coefficient in driving file. the manual cannot show a clear explanation about these two parameters. Could somebody can have a good understanding about these? Thank you~

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Re: question about Kinetic and static anisotropy coefficient

Post by Bernd » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:32 pm

Hi Cyan_Lizzie,

welcome to the MICRESS forum!

The anisotropy parameters describe the dependence of the interfacial properties with the direction (normal) of the interface. In typical metals, certain directions along crystal orientations are preferred. The kinetic anisotropy coefficient desribes the anisotropy of the interface mobility, and the static anisotropy coefficient the orientation dependence of the interfacial energy. The implemented approach consists mainly of a 4-fold cosine function dependency for cubic lattices for both types of anisotropy, the corresponding anisotropy coefficients describe the amplitude of the variation of the mobility/interfacial energy.

Did you use the search function of the forum? There is already a thread about anisotropy:

Link to Thread

If you have further questions, please tell us!


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