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Post by Bernd » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:05 pm

Hi all,

The new feature "add_to_grain" allows "reusing" old grain numbers for new seeds, even if the old grains are still existing. The main reason for this development is the possibility to seed liquid with grain number 0 and thus to avoid the stupid grain boundaries in liquid which MICRESS users had to accept until now (in case categorization was not successful).

One side effect of this new option is that the grain properties of the old grain are overwritten by those of the new grain, opening up even more interesting ways of usage:

- change e.g. grain orientations of existing grains
- change the phase number (useful e.g. for a "Martensitic" transformation, or for transforming small rest liquid pockets into a solid phase
- kill existing shields
- perform a virtual "deformation" process by applying reX energies during runtime

The keyword "add_to_grain" can be optionally given as a second input after the phase number input (in the same place where alternatively the keyword "unresolved" is used to activate the diffuse phase model). In the next line, the user can choose between the options "grain_number", "parent_grain", and "new_set", the first of which requires a grain number as second parameter in the same line, and allows the explicit choice of a grain number for the new grain (e.g. 0 for seeding liquid phase).
The keyword "parent_grain" automatically selects the number of the parent grain. But as this grain is already present at the same location, the only action will be to redefine the grain properties of this old grain, allowing e.g. to change orientation, reX energy, or even the phase number. Please bear in mind that when changing the phase number, numerical problems can arise, especially in case of phases with restricted solubility ranges! For that reason, a warning will always be issued.
Finally, the option "new_set" will choose a free grain number, but put together all seed of this seed_type to the same number.

The new option will be available with the next version 6.2 or on request.


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